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CWC seeks to partner with transitioning business owners of companies with superior growth prospects. Companies within CWC’s investment parameters generally have $500K-$2.5M in EBITDA.  


All prospective portfolio businesses are scrupulously evaluated on the following benchmarks:


Values & Principles

We value People and only partner with owners who believe in supporting and cultivating their company’s human capital. We enter partnerships with organizations who share our Principles & Values.


Industry Leadership

Potential partners have the clear potential in becoming industry/segment leaders. Our focus industries include distribution, construction, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and technology.


Desire for Growth

Prospective companies are collectively motivated to achieve substantial growth by adopting our model for a renewed entrepreneurial culture and collective-growth based model.


Strong and Committed Management Team

The prospective acquisition in question has a strong and committed management team that is willing to engage in our organizational transformation model and to make a meaningful personal commitment to the business.


Legacy Exits

Business owners looking for a rewarding and honourable exit opportunity, allowing their legacy to live on upon their succession.


 Engaged Due Diligence

We align with the organization’s people, pre-acquisition, on the what, when and how of the intended Cultural Renaissance process. Together, we become aligned and establish buy-in prior to the acquisition, allowing for a fully-engaged roll-out process once the deal is complete.